For the past two years, we have witnessed a return to the strong sculptural fashion of the 1980s and early on the ready-to-wear runways. In jewelry, this translates into singular statement pieces that can be worn every day. Yet these are meant to be worn with tons of attitude and rather than complementing your clothes, your clothes should complement your jewelry. Yellow gold is the color of choice for these bold pieces. Although these pieces evoke a vintage ‘80s feeling, they are anything but dated. They are thoroughly modern in their look and execution and will elevate simple sleeveless styles of summer and imbue you with a feeling that you are powerful—a contemporary version of Wonder Woman.


Bracelets are an integral part of this bolder statement style. The most emphatic looks feature a cuff on each wrist. They don’t have to match. The most intriguing are those that work together from the same collection but are slightly different in styles. Case in point:

You can wear the 14K Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Open Cuff with Diamond Pave on one wrist with the 14K Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Cuff with Diamond Pave Stations on the other. The accent each other beautifully. However, wearing one is equally appealing and lends itself to more of a daily style.

The same approach can be taken with Gabriel & Co.’s Demure Collection cuffs. They feature a herringbone pattern which imbues them with textural interest—they almost look like gold fabric worn around the wrist. One is solid gold while the other is designed with pave diamond stations. Choose to wear both or the one that suits your style best.

Style: BG4392-65Y45JJ
Style: BG4379-65Y45JJ


Hoop earrings go in and out of style every few years and each time they make a comeback, looks we have loved and owned in the past are tweaked and updated with new details, sizes and shapes. Gabriel & Co. has rejuvenated some classics that you will be thrilled to wear in their newer incarnations. Two favorites for this ‘bold and gold’ theme are:

The 14K Yellow-White Gold Twisted Rope Link Huggie Earrings with Diamond Pave.

We’ve seen these Cuban links again recently in necklaces and bracelets but they feel even fresher in earrings and rings. The rope texture adds a chic touch and the diamonds create sparkle around your face

Style: EG13955M45JJ
Style: EG14070Y45JJ
Style: EG13955M45JJ


Modern, graphic and architectural rings go best in this theme and there is nothing that fits the description better than Gabriel & Co.’s 14K Yellow Gold Stacked Bar Cage Ring. It is an ultra-wide band that you can wear alone without other rings to detract. But it looks great bracelets on your arm and earrings dangling from your lobes

Style: LR51877Y4JJJ 


The hottest necklaces around that also hark back to the ‘80s but with a current flair are elongated rectangular paper clip chains. These can be worn layered with a simpler necklace or on their own. One of these chains in any length, depending on your preference is also the perfect complement to hoops and cuff bracelets without ever looking overdone.

Style: NK6821H-24Y4JJJ
Style: NK6821H-24Y4JJJ