A pear or teardrop cut stone is a unique choice for an engagement ring and if you’ve chosen or are considering choosing this fancy cut for your ring, you are in the right place.

This asymmetrical teardrop shape especially resonates with brides who want something different and due to lower demand, you can get this stone for significantly less than the round. However, pear shapes have amazing brilliance and look bigger due to their elongated shape.

I’ve rounded up some of the best settings that showcase the pear shape diamond in ways that maximize its brilliance to its highest potential.

The Solitaire

Paula ER14982P4W4JJJ setting for a 1-carat pear cut, approximate retail price $615.

Solitaires, which we all know never go out of style, are an obvious choice for many reasons. They look good on everyone and the setting is relatively inexpensive allowing you to really focus your hard-earned cash into the stone itself. Solitaires are also the easiest rings to layer with other rings such as your wedding band and or an anniversary band to create an amazing bridal stack.

The Diamond Shank

Amata ER14918P4W44JJ setting for a 1-carat pear cut, the approximate retail price is $1,125.

A simple and classic option with additional sparkle is this Amata setting featuring a thin diamond pave band.

The Simple Halo

Amelia ER14920P4W44JJ setting for a 1-carat pear shape, approximate retail is $1,365.

For the halo lover, the Amelia style offers both simplicity and sophistication. A row of brilliant round diamonds forms a delicate halo around the pear-shaped center stone giving it extra sparkle and creating the illusion of a bigger stone. A simple polished shank brings the focus and attention to the center area.

The Quirky Twisted Shank

Courtney ER7804P4W44JJ setting for a 1-caret pear cut, the approximate retail price is $1,775.

Continuing with the asymmetrical theme that is the pear shape, a diamond pave band twists with a plain gold band forming an interesting crisscrossing shank. A perfect halo engagement ring for those who live to lead not follow.

The Halo with Diamond Shank

Carly ER6419P4W44JJ setting for a 1-carat pear cut, the approximate retail price is $1,675.

For lovers of all things sparkle, the Carly style features brilliant round diamonds along with its halo which beautifully frames the teardrop center. More diamonds continue to line the elegant narrow band stopping halfway around the shank. This cathedral style stunner is simple in silhouette yet glittering with major sparkle.

The Chevron

Giselle ER15086P4W44JJ setting for a 1-carat pear cut, the approximate retail price is $1,675.

A 1-carat pear-shaped center stone is set in a new and unexpected way with this unique white gold chevron mounting. The apex of the v-shaped band is adorned with a cluster of round and pear-shaped accent stones while smaller pavé diamonds line the upper shank. Truly different and distinctive this ring is for the daring bride who loves to be different.

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