About Orloff Jewelers 

Since 1955, Orloff Jewelers has been serving the Fresno community. Located in Fig Garden Village in our 5,400 sq. ft. store next to Patrick James, Orloff Jewelers is owned by James and Mary Ann Orloff, second-generation owners who carry on the traditions of quality, value, and customer service that have always set Orloff Jewelers apart.


In 1955, Paul “Prince” Orloff opened Orloff Jewelers. He was renowned as a businessman for his personal touch and refined taste. As we grew, Orloff Jewelers became more than a jewelry store: it became part of the community. When Orloff retired in 1988, his son James took the helm and carried on the tradition. James Orloff had always taken a keen interest in his father’s work. At the age of five, he was already taking apart watches and polishing jewelry for his father. When he was 15, James passed his first diamond grading class at the Gemological Institute of America.

Today, his expertise is recognized across the country as an appraiser and custom jeweler. James and Mary Ann Orloff continue to meet challenges with integrity, quality, and customer service–just as their family has since 1955. “Trust and integrity are paramount in this industry,” James Orloff says. “It’s a very special feeling when I’m helping a second- or even third-generation customer. When that happens, you know you’re doing something right.”

Because every diamond in nature is different, your personal selection will be completely your individual possession. May we show you our selections of Crown Diamonds. We welcome you to our store.
James & Mary Ann Orloff

James & Mary Ann Orloff